All about JAMES


What we do

Justice and Mercy Energy Services (JAMES) combats poverty and injustice by focusing on energy access.  JAMES partners with other organizations that are already doing good in their communities such as children's homes, schools, and medical clinics - and helps them choose, design, and install energy systems that empower their work.

Our mission statement

Our purpose is to support existing non-profit organizations and other groups seeking the public good by designing, installing, and maintaining their energy systems. 

Our vision

We envision dozens of medical clinics, orphanages, schools, churches, and non-profit organizations lit with renewable sources of electricity and empowered to better accomplish their missions.  We also imagine an indigenous support staff that maintains and repairs these energy systems, receives a fair wage for their services, and flourishes as human beings. 

Poverty and energy poverty

Our understanding of poverty is that its source is from our broken world: broken relationships with the environment, with each other, with our creator, and even with ourselves. We hold the biblical perspective that people are made in the image of God and are therefore worthy of love, respect, and dignity. When the conditions of poverty violate that inherent dignity, that is, when the dignity due to any person is withheld, an injustice has occurred.  Books such as Walking with the Poor, Principles and Practices of Transformational Development by Bryant Myers have been very influential in our understanding of poverty and ourselves.   

Energy poverty is lack of access to modern energy services such as electricity.  This hindrance to human flourishing is significant in the lives of many. According to the Energy Poverty Action initiative of the World Economic Forum, "Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic development. In the developing world, energy poverty is still rife. Nearly 1.1 billion people still have no access to electricity..."

Our history

 The founders of JAMES met at Baylor University where they were supported by the BU Missions department and worked closely with student organization Engineers with a Mission for many years.   We are grateful for our experiences and are excited about expanding into the future. 

Our legal status and scope

JAMES is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered in the state of Texas.

Our People

Chief Electrician: "Boss Gwo" Pierre


"Boss Gwo" Pierre has a gifted technical mind and helps us with numerous electrical systems. When he's not working with us he works for various hospitals doing everything from repairing x-ray machines to diesel generators.

Electrical Engineer: Aimie Chase, PE


Aimie works for the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative where she is a licensed Professional Engineer. She is an expert in power systems including generation and communication systems.

Foreman: Mackendy André


Mackendy has a degree in translation and is fluent in four languages. He coordinates our workers, handles logistics and materials procurement. He's at the center of everything we do in Haiti.

Humanitarian Engineer: Kayla Garrett


  Kayla has a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a concentration in humanitarian engineering and is pursuing a master's degree in environmental science. She works on project documentation, computer simulations, and system sizing,

Haitian Liaison: Natalie Glen


Natalie has an undergraduate degree in math and is pursuing dual master's degrees: one in social work and one from Truett Seminary. She is a gifted people person and plays a key role in contractual and interpersonal issues. 

Construction Lead: Pastor Benjamin


Pastor Benjamin is a bi-vocational pastor. When he's not preaching he's our professional welder. He is a master of all things mechanical and mentors younger workers while leading the team in construction projects.

Board Member: Becky Kennedy


Becky is the Assistant Dean for Spiritual Life & Missions/Associate Chaplain at Baylor University.  She oversees Baylor's local and global mission programs to create a space for students to be transformed by the integration of faith, learning and service. In addition to her master’s degree in church music, she also has an MBA.

Maintenance Tech: Mesye Wislet


Wislet plays an important role - he maintains our systems after they have been installed. Deep cycle batteries require a lot of care so Wislet checks on them frequently. He also operates diesel generators at some sites.

Executive Director: Brian Thomas


Brian is a Sr. Lecturer of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University. Since 2005 he has been doing energy projects in Kenya, Honduras, and Haiti. These projects include off-grid electrical systems utilizing solar panels. He has a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering.